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Image by Lynda Hinton


Cuba VIP Yacht was founded by Peter Sanchez, a Cuban-American with long standing relationships with the island’s cultural institutions and artists, and a deeply-rooted love and respect for his Cuban heritage. Coupled with a desire to share the plethora of human and cultural experiences with his US colleagues and friends, Cuba VIP Yacht was born.

At Cuba VIP Yacht , the focus is on the owners and guests, ensuring that their travel is designed around them and their desires! Communication is key and together we will put together your ultimate travel experience!​​

Professional custom designed itineraries using the latest travel management technology our app will ensure that all your travel requirements are met. We believe in making your dreams come true and offer the highest quality experiences.​​

We are Cuba specialists working together with highly specialized maritime attorneys in both the US and Cuba and carefully selected partners on the island. This teamwork provides you with high quality and legal experience both with the design of your itinerary before you travel and support during your journey. We work with you in creating a program that suits your desired travel requirements. Will ensure you have access to local information, our expertise and support throughout your trip. Clear communication with our clients and partners from the beginning of the planning process until after your return is key.​

Cuba VIP Yacht is bound by a deep love for our country and its people and a deeper knowledge and respect for Cuba’s cultural heritage. We pride ourselves in bringing our collaborators and guests into the fold and sharing Cuba’s warm and loving embrace with them.



Founder CEO

Born in Cuba, I was just six months old when my family left for Buenos Aires. After a brief exile in Argentina and Chile, my family landed in Los Angeles, California, where I grew up, like many Cubans in exile, within two cultures simultaneously.

Thus the term Cuban-American. I always felt a connection and a yearning for my native Cuba. Like many Cuban exile kids, my parents and extended family had a lot to do with the first generation living our traditions and cultural heritage. By 1996, I was travelling to Cuba and beginning to elaborate the idea of creating a company that would share the best of Cuba with the US, but also bring the best of the US to Cuba thereby building cultural bridges, good faith and hope among two peoples that had always had a natural affinity for each other. By anchoring Cuba's rich artistic and cultural heritage, I organized my first groups for the Bienal de La Habana in the year 2000, and every year since.

 have explored the island from end to end in the company of the best historians, artists, architects and musicians. I derive my greatest joy from sharing Cuba with our travelers.

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