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Our management ­team, working together with our team of superb Cuban travel associates in Cuba and the US. our longstanding professional relationships with Cuba’s nautical, maritime, and travel community, is uniquely suited to offer you an exclusive, boutique approach to planning your trip. Under the auspices of our parent company, Cuba VIP Travel, we are fully insured and vetted as Cuba US group travel experts. With 20 years of Cuba travel expertise we are prepared to plan your perfect Cuba VIP Yachts experience within the parameters of legal travel.

Cuba VIP Yachts will:

  • Assist with the initial planning of trip with navigation plan and ground logistics.

  • Assist with obtaining necessary visas

  • Coordinate your private jet to Cuba, if you decide not to cruise to the island on your yacht.

  • Or fly you directly from one of the many weekly USA-Havana  flights

  • Obtain US and Cuba Customs, Border Patrol and Port Authority documentation and cruising permits

  • Ensure that every aspect of the trip adheres to all US and Cuban travel regulations

  • Create a custom itinerary, with unique and exclusive land and sea excursions

  • Provide private ground transportation

  • Make all restaurant and entertainment arrangements

  • Plan private concerts, art viewings and receptions

  • Assist with money exchange, arranging private transportation and other boutique services as needed



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Let's talk! We are available to discuss your trip in the early planning stages. Our many years of experience in organizing Yacht and VIP travel to Cuba puts us in a unique situation to answer any of your questions regarding travel to Cuba Yacht.

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After the initial consultation we begin working on you trip. Designing a navigation plan and onshore and ocean activities for the owners and guests. We continue to work with you until a plan is finalized. We will make all marina reservations and get approvals from Cuba and continue to consult you throughout the trip.

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We will oversee and manage your land experiences we will deliver a seamless experience for the owners and guest. We will manage all detail needed by the client.

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